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Abruzzo: the perfect place for your perfect day


Your wedding in one of Abruzzo’s stunning castles! The amazing experience of getting married in an enchanting old atmosphere. The perfect location for you, romantic bride!


Vineyards, nestled in green sceneries; barrels and good Abruzzo wine…the perfect wedding for the Italy-lover bride!


Spiritual, intimate, authentic…your wedding in an Abruzzo enchanting monastery!


Abruzzo sandy beaches: more than 80 miles for a perfect wedding setting!

Your family hometown

Get married in your family hometown, wherever it is in Abruzzo. A unique wedding, a unique way to say “yes”!

Elegant Restaurant

Sophisticated Abruzzo restaurants for the elegant bride’s wedding.


Abruzzo charming countryside: live the Italian “Dolce Vita” for your wedding day!

Above the sea

Get married on an exclusive location, right above the enchanting Adriatic sea!

our services

A unique team for a unique wedding
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wedding venue choice

Whatever you’re looking for, from a castle for a regal wedding to an intimate and elegant villa or a countryside wedding setting, we’ll find the perfect venue in all Abruzzo for an unforgettable day for you and your guests!
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Top-level team partners

The most efficient team you can find in Abruzzo teaming up with brilliant partners! The best and most trusted vendors to make your wedding the perfect dream day! Relax and enjoy your day, we’ll take care of any detail!
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Wedding Theme creation

Do you have a dream? We’ll make it come true! Whether you’re a romantic or a stylish bride, we’ll create together the wedding day of your dreams, taking care of any detail and making your wedding an incredible day!
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Accommodation services

The best hotels and tour services for you and your guests! Get the chance to taste, sip, explore this enchating region before and after the wedding…take time to visit Abruzzo, we’ll arrange it all for you!
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wedding agenda Organization

“Will I ever make it to keep up with all the things that must be done?”…Hey, that’s nothing to worry about, we’ll do it for you! We’ll be there to make sure even the tiniest details will be perfect!
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Wedding Rehearsal Direction

We’re almost there! A quick rehearsal the day before to make sure everyone will do their part! Then a long, regenerating sleep to be ready for the magic to start!
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wedding Ceremony Coordination

“Where are the rings?”…”Does the violinist know when to start playing?”…”Where are the vows?” We’ll be there and coordinate every step of the ceremony! You just walk to your groom and make the dream come true!
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Wedding Party Management

Time to party! We’ve already checked that the tables are stunning, food is delicious and music is perfect! So get on the dance floor and enjoy your day with your family and friends!

Who we are

We're a team of wedding, event and Abruzzo destination experts, committed to create with you...your unforgettable day! Abruzzo region, in central Italy, has the most stunning and dreamy locations...together with the finest team to shape the wedding of your dreams! Whether you're looking for a unique location or you wish to tie the knot where your grandparents did, you just need to make a wish and ...we'll take care of everything! The wishes we make come true include:

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